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Organisational Development using SYMLOG (System for the Multiple Level Observation of Groups) This breakthrough instrument constructed on the work of Professor Bales of Harvard University is powerful in assisting individuals, groups, and teams understand their unique Leadership and Team Values, and to construct a future that is both desirable and successful.

Workshops include:

SYMLOG - Your Leadership Profile (Lead 2)
Self-ratings of leadership concepts; ratings from others on self
This survey may be used either for working with an individual for coaching/counseling, or with a group of individuals from differing work units or organizations. The focus of this program is on interpersonal effectiveness. The materials enable the participant to examine his/her attitudes and beliefs about team leadership and membership, as well as receive in-depth feedback from coworkers on his/her perceived team and leadership effectiveness.
SYMLOG - Team Scan (Team 1)
Ratings on concepts only
This workshop is appropriate for an intact team who wish to examine issues related to the norms of the team as a whole, the way in which team members relate to one another, and the way the team accomplishes its work.
SYMLOG - Optimizing Team Performance (Team 2)
Ratings on people and/or concepts and people
This workshop is an intensive session for an intact team wishing to examine not only team issues, but also receive personal feedback from their co-workers on their perceived interpersonal effectiveness. The focus is on one’s own perceptions, an examination of the norms of the team as a whole, and each individual's contribution to the overall effectiveness of the team.
SYMLOG - Organisational Culture Survey
Organisational members rate concepts
This workshop is appropriate when an organisation as a whole, or in part, wishes to look at issues associated with organisational culture in order to assess the current culture and determine where changes need to be made in order to be more effective in the future. Information obtained from this survey is also appropriate in establishing an organisational context around which individuals, teams, and departments can focus their change efforts.
Registered symlogpractitioner.

A bit about Barry


Barry is a Human Resource Professional with extensive experience in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management and Development. He holds a B.Com (Industrial Psychology and Business Management) and a National Diploma in Hotel Management. His career spans some 20 years in which he has held senior Human Resource roles providing Human Capital and Team Development, HR Generalist, and Industrial Relations Management services.

In addition, he has practical experience of business management at shop floor and Board level. His most recent project was a business turnaround project for an international hotel group in the Gauteng region.


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